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Released October 29

AEM's new heart hitting single Present Tense debut's October 29th

Written, produced, mixed and performed by AEM Present Tense is the second single of her transformative journey. 

The song features soothing and somewhat haunting notes of how a looming past relationship can feel after the realization that somebody isn't in your Present day life anymore. 


Using the global pandemic as a time to learn the inner workings of producing a song from start to finish AEM makes Present Tense her debut as a producer. The song pours out a relatable sense in the lyrics and makes it feel as if it was written just for the listener. 

The music video portrays the artistic message using Queens Diner of Red Deer Alberta a 50's inspired diner as a backdrop to AEM's futuristic attire. Leaving no homage to the present at all. Flashbacks to a past 'figure' draped in dark clothing and a mask expressing the past relationship. 

The video was shot over the course of one day by talented cinematographer Joel Fraser.

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